One way, isn’t it?

The debt brake pull or instal other currencies in Europe, promise no exit from the eurocrisis: Therfore some basis ideas of finance-experts and analyts are collected and shown in the following passage: The euro is basically no pure conversion currency for example to DM. It is more. It strengthens the economic competence of the state. This is created by the so-called “euro-space” or For example: Worldwide Germany is too small. Therefore, for example, no strategical adjustment would occur in WTO. Thus it can be said roughly, the euro strengthens the competitiveness but no strong coherence between growth and export are seen. However, it makes itself perceptible: No stability is given more in the national structure. Why? There is not enough trust in the currency.

More and more difficult to lend money to pay the debts:
It becomes for a single country more and more difficult to lend money to pay the debts. Moreover, there also sinks the attraction of a region. In Germany, for example, the highest density is in head quarters of multinational groups all over Europe like infineon, one of the biggest semi-conductor enterprise. But not a single state of an association cannot educate other states or communities of nations. Only they develop their financing structure like taxe-payment from themselves, for example, by a radical restructuring which is prescribed by own government and is also understood by the large part of the population. Earlier Germany and Italy had already a similarly running inflation rate. Italy simply depreciated the lira to be competitive-strong again and it worked well. Now both states sit in the same currency union! In addition we see the example Bremen: Bremen with about 700,000 inhabitants is a small federal state of Germany and altough since 1975 bankrupt itd budget works. Only with internal help Bremen, the small county, stands on his own legs. How hopefully soon it will be again with Greece. Thus Austria, smaller than Bavaria, has pushed about 40 billion euros in the financial assistance. Will they get the money back? Who believes still in the euro-space?
Thus the financial crisis was caused once by the debts. At the beginning there was a so-called control break.
Photo: © Tolimir