One way, isn’t it?

The debt brake pull or instal other currencies in Europe, promise no exit from the eurocrisis: Therfore some basis ideas of finance-experts and analyts are collected and shown in the following passage: The euro is basically no pure conversion currency for example to DM. It is more. It strengthens the economic competence of the state. This is created by the so-called “euro-space” or For example: Worldwide Germany is too small. Therefore, for example, no strategical adjustment would occur in WTO. Thus it can be said roughly, the euro strengthens the competitiveness but no strong coherence between growth and export are seen. However, it makes itself perceptible: No stability is given more in the national structure. Why? There is not enough trust in the currency.
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The Regional Assemblies information website. Britain has already been divided into 12 regional assemblies which form part of 110 regions of the European Union. The EU Committee of the Regions (COR) drew up England’s new boundaries 17 years ago and is funding many pro-regional groups.

East Midlands Constitutional Convention
Campaigning to stop the unwanted regionalisation of Britain

Committee of the Regions
Created by the Maastricht Treaty to help break up the UK

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions
Hijacked by the EU- The Council of European Municipalities and Regions is a voluntary organisation. Established 1951